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About Lind Invest

Lind Invest is a holding company located in Aarhus. We invest in companies – listed or unqouted – and creates value through a proactive ownership with focus on value creation and transparency. Investments are made in accordance with a clearly defined strategy and management of investments are based on a strict risk policy and -management.

The companies we invest in, are characterised by having a large potential. Typically, it is the realisation of this potential that requires a strong focus on internal organisation, operational and strategic execution ability as well as focus on the constant changes in the marketplace.

We are independent, active investors

The investment company Lind Invest focuses on long-term, stable returns, combined with the potential to utilise the opportunities that always arise in the short term. We are completely independent of financial players and other stakeholders, and we therefore base our investments mainly on knowledge and facts. We provide capital, expertise and networks on the basis of detailed presentations of a company’s business model.

In order to ensure that we make the right decisions, the people who run our companies are to have the same economic interests as us. We have seats on the boards of directors – or maintain close contact with the boards of directors and the day-to-day management teams – and can thus contribute to strategy, business development and risk management.

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