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CEO Henrik Lind

Henrik Lind founded Lind Invest in 2002, since when the company has developed at a rapid pace. In the following interview, Henrik Lind talks about active ownership and the ongoing development of Lind Invest.

What importance does the active ownership as investment approach have to Lind Invest?

An active ownership is the common thread in Lind Invest’s investments. Our active investment approach helps ensure uniform interests between management and shareholders. We believe that the best results are achieved when interaction and discussion about the strategic direction between owners and company management takes place. Lind invest is not an activist investor but only requests a clearly defined focus on creating the best possible results to owners and other shareholders, without Lind Invest interfering the daily operations of the company. Since our first investment in 2002, Lind Invest has been an active investor. In recent years we have developed our investment approach and practise active ownership in close dialogue with management in the concerned companies, in which we invest. It is relatively easy to invest but immediately more difficult to contribute to a subsequently successful investment without having a clearly defined strategy to follow people and processes closely. At the end of the day it is aforementioned that are contributing to the value creation. In connection with any investment, we have throughout the years experienced that the active ownership is our niche and instrument to ensure value creation – and that includes listed and unlisted companies. There are different aspects to pay regard to but the fundamental principles which we use are the same. The active ownership as investment approach is neither unique nor revolutionary, but to us the approach has had a significant and positive effect on our results.

How do you see the ongoing development of Lind Invest?

“Our investment focus in Lind Invest is centred on listed as well as unlisted companies. Over the years we have, as part of our development as a company, chosen to grow investments in listed companies, within shares as well as bonds. Ahead of any investment it continues to be a guiding principle for us, that we have a thorough understanding of the businesses within we invest and that we have a strong believe in those people who is to create the value of the investment. For that specific reason we have chosen a niche approach and our strategy is to expose in companies which typically escape the spotlight of the news and the attention of analysts. Our niche focus allows us to specifically qualify us within well-chosen sectors, which we believe will make an attractive return on investment in the long run and who simultaneously provides us with the possibility of building up networks with whom we can discuss and create mutual value. We have the option to follow those opportunities we find interesting, and it is exactly this latitude we seek to opportunistically utilise. When having identified the investment opportunities, which fulfil our criteria for investment, we seek, through the active ownership, to contribute to the development and value creation in the concerned companies. In Lind Invest we receive numerous requests and if a case meets our investments criteria, we look at each case with interest. Accordingly, Lind Invest will also prospectively be investing in listed as well as unlisted companies.”

What constitutes a good investment for Lind Invest?

Fundamentally, we focus heavily on assessing whether we understand the business and whether the operation is sound. We then determine whether the investment suits our existing portfolio and whether synergies exist in both the short and the long term. Moreover, we are always interested in working with business models that challenge the status quo with new solutions and have the potential to generate value in existing or new sectors.
It is crucial that we have the right ‘chemistry’ with the people who are to put the ideas into practice. So when return, risk and development merge to form a coherent entity, we at Lind Invest know that we have made a really good investment. As it happens, we have had the skill and good fortune to build up a portfolio that contains many such investments.

What is the corporate culture in Lind invest characterized by?

“In the Lind Invest Group we are convinced that it is the employees that help to create value. Thus, they must be rewarded accordingly. For that reason we focus on continuingly trying to create an attractive workplace, where freedom with responsibility and the individual enterprising employees characterize the corporate culture to a great extent – responsibility at all levels is taken and less so given. In order to gain success a competent and highly motivated staff of employees which holds the ability to seize the opportunity is essential. Qualifications are essential in order to gain success but having the will to reach for the extraordinaire – and to truly perform – is at least as important. What particularly characterize the corporate culture in the Lind Invest Group is the will to walk the extra mile for the sake of solidarity. It is when everyone contributes and challenges the existing that it really brings teamwork and value to the bottom line. The corporate culture in the Group is imbued by an essential team spirit which implies that you seek to help one another when and where it is needed. The value that arises when the team perform may not be underestimated – everyone, regardless of title and level, has an important role in order to having the cog wheel spinning. Another important element of the corporate culture of the Lind Invest Group is the open and direct communication that is in evidence on all levels and in all contexts. The Lind Invest Group consists of qualified managements and employees who all are capable of making decisions and act on the basis of our vision and mission. If you as a manager master the art of delegating a possible area of tension will arise, from where, when it works, extensive value will be generated for all.”

What importance does Social Responsibility have to Lind Invest?

“We believe that everyone has a responsibility towards each other and towards the society we have chosen to be a part of. If you want to be a part of the community, you are also obliged to contribute – and benefits are succeeded with obligations, otherwise things does not add up. In Lind Invest we care about our responsibilities, which is why we support projects that create social and societal value. In order to learn more about a project’s social value, we invest time and resources to investigate the relations between a given project’s inputs and its outputs. It is important to us that the output obtained is compared to what has been invested, and we make sure to constantly ask ourselves: “Does the target group and the community experience a significant effect of our inputs?”
At Lind Invest we handle a commitment to a social project just like any other investment – a good cause is fundamental but it is important to focus on the bigger picture, since the vast majority of social projects master this good cause. Consequently, we asses each project on the basis of our defined criteria. For us it is important that we have a good chemistry with those people we work with. Furthermore, it is important to us, that we share the same values and that both parties work towards that the project and the community will benefit the most from our investments. Moreover, we aim at creating value that is not only short sighted, but also brings a measurable difference in the long term. If you want to know more about our social responsibility in Lind invest, read here.”

Do you have any final comments?

“Yes, if you think about becoming a part of the Lind Invest Group and you are able to identify yourself with the above in this interview, please do not hesitate to send us your application. We are a relatively large Group with several subsidiaries which is always on the lookout for qualified candidates who is dedicated to make a difference. If you need more information regarding job and career opportunities in Lind Invest, please read here or contact us on T: +45 88 27 46 00.”

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