The process

The process

The application process is typically divided into these four phases:

The process - model English


Please read about Our culture before applying. Usually, we invite job candidates in on a running basis, which will also be described more precisely in the specific job ad.

Following your application for one of our Available positions, you will have to complete both 1. and 2. round before you will be acknowledged a member of our team.

If you are not invited in for an interview, we will save your application for at least six months in case another relevant position turns up.

1. interview

Your application has given us a good first impression among the pool of candidates. Based on this evaluation, we will invite you in for 1. interview with the purpose of getting to know you better and elaborate on your experience. Similarly, tasks and responsibilities of the specific job position will be clarified, and you will have the opportunity to ask the questions you may have.

2. interview

In the 2. interview, you will get a more detailed and specific elaboration of the job position. We will also elaborate further on your professional competences as well as match expectations for the content of the job position with you.

Employment: Final step

…and welcome to the team.
Have you gotten this far? Congratulations! We will invite you in for a third and informal conversation, where we will discuss the further contractual relations of your employment.

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