Lind Invest is seeking: Equity Analyst

January 29, 2018


Lind Invest søger stærk Equity Analyst

Lind Invest is seeking: Project Assistant (Expired)

January 29, 2018


Our Social Responsibility Team is looking for an independent Project Assistant, who can contribute to the ongoing development within impact measurement of our social projects. Do you have a financial background combined with a vested interest within socio-economics?

Read more here.
(Job advert in Danish)

Lind Invest is seeking: Ambitious and Highly Motivated Analyst (Expired)

August 22, 2017


Can you spot the next out-performer within active asset management?

For a newly created position, we need an ambitious and highly motivated analyst to accelerate our ongoing growth in close cooperation with our CIO. Are you our new colleague? 

Your role will be to implement and further develop our strategy within a new area of business and also to compose specific presentations of investments to the investment committee of Lind Invest.

Are you our new colleague? See job advert here (in Danish)

Release of SROI report for Gallo Kriserådgivning 2017

August 2, 2017


Lind Invest hereby publish the 2017 Social Return on Investment report for Gallo Kriserådgivning – a social project in Aarhus offering free therapy and hosting a drop-in centre.

The report finds that Gallo creates DKK 6.43 in value for every DKK 1 that is invested in the organisation. The value is created for the stakeholders and society. The value is constituted by increased well-being for the users, saved health expenses for the government, and valuable experience for the volunteers.

Lind Invest supports Gallo professionally and financially through a 10-year commitment of DKK 200,000 annually.

The analysis and its calculation can be found in the full report here.

Henrik Lind increases investment in Danske Andelskassers Bank

June 6, 2017


Henrik Lind has further acquired shares in Danske Andelskassers Bank A/S, and thereby crossing the limit of 25 per cent of the shareholding in Danske Andelskassers Bank A/S.
Following the transaction, Henrik Lind has a total shareholding in Danske Andelskassers Bank A/S of 32,520,078 shares, corresponding to 26.85% of the share capital and voting rights.

Read the notification of major interest in shares here.

Lind Invest Annual Report 2016

May 17, 2017


Posting a profit after tax of DKK 374 million resulting in a return on equity on 20 %, Lind Invest achieved a highly satisfactory year in terms of both strong financial results and strategic positioning for the coming years.

The 2016 result is achieved by good performances in both Group Companies and Investment Activities. Moreover, the result is the benefits materialising from the decisions we took in 2015 to reduce complexity and simplify our balance sheet to ensure sufficient focus on strengthening our core business for further developing our competences. The financial performance is as well the result of a very skilled, ambitious, and passionate group of employees.

Read the Lind Invest Annual Report 2016 here.

Lind Invest Annual Report 2016 frontpage

Board seat to Lind Invest in Dunedin

May 16, 2017


Investment Manager in Lind Invest Michael Meyer is elected board member of Dunedin Enterprise Investment Trust PLC with effect from 11 May 2017.
Lind Invest holds a large minority position in Dunedin and the appointment is a part of the Lind Invest strategy. Micahel Meyer has waived his right to be paid a director’s fee.

Read the announcement here. 

Henrik Lind decreases investment in Djursland Bank

May 11, 2017


In accordance with the Securities Trading Act it is hereby announced that Djursland Bank on 11 May 2017 has received notification of that Henrik Lind has reduced his share capital to less than 5 % in Djursland Bank.

Read the notification of major interest in shares here.

Lind Invest supports Fundamentet with DKK million 3.8

April 25, 2017


Lind Invest increases the support to the Aarhus-based organization Fundamentet with additionally DKK million 1.8, because of the great impact and unique work that Fundamentet offers and does for the vulnerable people in Aarhus. With the increased support, Lind Invest supports Fundamentet with annually DKK 380,000 over a 10-year period.

Read the press release here (in Danish).

Lind Invest decreases investment in SKAKO A/S

April 12, 2017


Lind Invest has sold 800,000 shares in SKAKO A/S.
Following the transaction, Lind Invest has a total shareholding in SKAKO A/S of 149,808 shares, corresponding to 4,83 % of the share capital and voting rights.

Read the notification of major interest in shares here.

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