Lind Invest’s portfolio currently consists of two main tracks. One part consists of our group companies, while the second part represents our more dynamic investment activities. The basic characteristics of the group companies is that Lind Invest is the majority owner and that each company is run from its own independent strategy and its own independent management. The companies are organised so that management, employees and owners have the same long-term interests of the company’s development and future.

The basic characteristics of the other part of the portfolio investment activities in Lind Invest is that we focus on long-term stable returns based on business models focusing on specific niches where we believe they have identified a number of opportunities to create added value in the long term. It is an integral part of our investment strategy, the companies we invest in, constantly evolving to be at the top of the industry. This is the only way to long-term guarantees that continuously create value and thus stable returns.

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