Our approach

Catalytic approach

What characterises our work in overall terms is our willingness to engage ourselves in the projects we support. We work with a catalytic and proactive approach, which means that we are an active part of the projects with a focus on a long-term development process. For that reason, our contribution to the projects is not only financial – we involve our network, share our own ideas and help raise public attention to the issues.

Impact measurement

Working as a catalytic philanthropist, it is an absolute must to conduct impact measurement. Impact measurement is essential as it gives insight in the value creation of social projects. Our focus on documented impact is carried out by collecting questionnaires and gathering information about public spending on certain benefits. The process results in a thorough valuation, and through the analysis-process we obtain a better understanding of the project and how the target group can be helped most effectively.
Our aim is to complete a Social Return on Investment report for every project in our portfolio and to update these analyses annually.


In order for us to assess potential new projects and to keep existing projects on a viable track, we have developed a list of criteria. The criteria reflect our priority area when it comes to internal organising and are continually developed as we gain knowledge and experience with investing in social projects. Read about our approach and criteria here. 

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