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Who is Gallo Kriserådgivning?

Gallo Kriserådgivning (translation: Gallo Crisis Counselling ; in short: Gallo) is a non-profit organisation located in Aarhus. Since 1999, Gallo has fulfilled its charitable purpose by helping socially vulnerable citizens living with mental disorders. Gallo’s work is a contributing factor in preventing admissions and re-admissions that strains the already stressed psychiatric system and therefore, Gallo is actively relieving the burden put on governmental healthcare programs. Gallo’s efforts are supported by the work of more than 100 volunteers and consists of a drop-in centre and therapy consultations. Their services are free of charge, and no crisis is considered too big or too small.

Why and how does Lind Invest support Gallo Kriserådgivning?

Lind Invest began supporting Gallo in 2012 because of the unique help the organisation provides to specific target groups in need, which means that Gallo fulfils the need for free and open counselling that otherwise would not be offered. This unique offering makes the Gallo organisation one-of-a-kind in Denmark.
In 2013, we composed the first Social Return on Investment (SROI)-report and since then the report has been updated in 2014, 2016 and 2017. Our latest SROI report – with data from 2016 – shows that users’ and clients’ satisfaction with Gallo’s offering exceeds 90 %. In addition, the SROI ratio was calculated to be 6.43, which indicates that Gallo creates DKK 6.43 in value for their users, stakeholders, and society in general for every DKK 1 invested in the project.

Because of their valuable work, and the evident effect on a wide target group, we have chosen to support Gallo financially through a 10-year commitment of DKK 200,000 annually. In addition to our financial donation, we contribute with continual advisory services of both strategic and operational nature.


Visit the website of Gallo Kriserådgivning here.

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