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Who is LittleBigHelp?

LittleBigHelp is an NGO established in 2010 with the aim of creating better opportunities for vulnerable children and women in West Bengal, India. LittleBigHelp seeks to secure basic human rights, such as education, protection, basic health care, and nutrition, every day of the year. Today, LittleBigHelp works with over 70 local team members in Kolkata who have invaluable knowledge about local conditions, and thus, they are more capable than anyone to understand the issues and challenges that children living on the street face every day.

LittleBigHelp runs a Pre- and Primary School in a slum community (135 students), a 24/7 Open Shelter, a Boys’ & Girls’ Home (45 boys and 25 girls), as well as various learning centres (benefitting both adults and children). The organisation is built on the belief that a little help from others makes a tremendous difference for the vulnerable.

Why and how does Lind Invest support LittleBigHelp?

Lind Invest began supporting LittleBigHelp in 2012 because the efforts of the organisation have an invaluable impact on the present and future life of the children supported, who used to live on the street with barely any resources. Specifically, Lind Invest supports the Boy’s Home and our research has shown that the programme is cost-efficient and thus the daily cost of care per child is DKK 60 – including everything. In addition to their cost-effectiveness, the local team members work professionally and have specific plans for finding street children in need and ensuring they receive the help and care they need to give them a fighting chance in life.

The professional set-up and the great results achieved have led Lind Invest to commit DKK 375,000 annually over a 10-year period. This makes Lind Invest the main sponsor of the Boy’s Home in Kolkata.

Visit LittleBigHelp’s website here.

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