Why we care

We are all obliged to take responsibility

In Lind Invest, we believe that everyone has a responsibility – a responsibility for each other and the society that we have all chosen to be a part of. We wish to support and engage in projects that create social as well as societal value.

We take the fundamental view that if you want to be a part of the community, then you are also obliged to contribute, because with all the goods come also obligations. In Lind Invest, we are extremely aware of this responsibility.

A catalytic and proactive approach

We choose a catalytic and proactive approach when supporting social projects. This means that we follow a strategy based on high commitment in the project, where we focus on a long-term change process and clearly defined goals of impact.

Our goal is to take part of the advancement of a praxis where you evaluate and report the results of social projects, also with the purpose of demonstrating to future projects as well as the public how changes can be reached and what value these create.

It is essential to us that the resources invested in social projects create the largest possible impact for the specific target group, and furthermore that we objectively are able to measure the impact of the initiatives and effort both societally and socially.
These two relationships – our high commitment as well as focus on a documented impact – result in a thorough valuation of projects and a critical standpoint towards the best possible understanding of both the issue and the way that the project is managed in order to solve this issue.

Therefore, we wish to see a feedback and reporting of the projects on an on-going basis, because this, compared to general transparency, can improve all our efforts and thereby optimize the relief effort and eventually adjust the process of the project, if any evidence for this is found.

We have developed a brief, which shortly describes Lind Invest’s position towards social responsibility. In here, we have outlined criteria that we find important when we assess social projects and organisations – criteria that hereby also draw an image of how we in Lind Invest believe that we can best live up to our promise of being socially responsible.

Read more about our criteria for social responsibility here. 

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