Citizen-centered budgets to empower young people into job and education

With access to a citizen-centered budget of DKK 25,000 it is the goal that young people outside of job and education in the past 10 months can empower their own way into job and education. The Municipality of Aarhus is a frontrunner here by testing this employment effort in the project ‘Ungebudgetter’ – which is a collaboration between Center for Social Nytænkning, Aarhus Kommune and Lind Invest.

With the focus on the dreams and needs of young people in the age of 18-30 years old, they can apply for up to DKK 25,000 to empower their way into education and job by managing a plan of their way and the budget in close dialogue with their social worker. 20 young people will participate in the project.

The project will be followed and evaluated closely, including by way of comparisons between the target group and a control group. Lind Invest believe that more people can get better help to resolve their social challenges than they receive today so they stand a better chance of improving their wellbeing. However, we believe it requires a commitment to dare to rethink the way we help them and how it can be organised.

It is Lind Invest’s hope that this project will be a forerunner to that approach; try something different, evaluate it, and then learn from the impact and results and implement what works better.

If the project ‘Ungebudgetter’ is a success, the ambition is to scale the employment effort for the impact of both the economy of the municipality and the young citizens.

Read the press release of the project here (in Danish).