Social Responsibility

Everyone has a potential!

We invest to unfold potential

While limited by conditions or resources, restricted by contexts or means, we believe that everyone has a potential to unfold, improve and develop.

In Lind Invest, we believe that what matters is not the starting point for any person, family, business or society – what matters is the facilitation of opportunities, genuine support and constantly challenging status quo in order to grow.

Inspired and armed with persistent diligence we engage in projects that all aim to develop individuals and society. Together, we aim to create social change and achieve results that lead to human and societal development with lasting impact. 

Our involvement

in total contributed since 2012



How we work


We strive to challenge and inspire everyone we partner with to realise their potential. By proactively investing in people, companies and society we aim to create significant returns – for the development of individuals, the value creation of businesses and the welfare of civilisations. We do not seek a financial return in our social investments but a sustainable return for the involved people and society.

1. Before commitment

Before we commit to provide our support, we screen projects to get a thorough background knowledge and understanding of core competencies. In corporation with the given project, we compile data from which we compose an initial SROI analysis to define the amount of value the work of each project generates – both in a social context and to society in general. This screening process enables us to get a thorough understanding of the project’s vision, work and value creation before we make a commitment.

2. After commitment

Our support is provided in partnership with the projects. And, once we have committed ourselves to support a project, we measure impact on an ongoing basis. We continue to be in close dialogue with our supported projects, and we expect to be able to gather continuous data to compose annual Social Return on Investment reports (SROI) showing the individual project’s impact and value. We involve ourselves and our network, we share our feedback, and we help raise public attention to certain issues because we believe, that most value is created through long-term development processes.


3. Impact measurement

We conduct a Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis based on an in-depth valuation of our projects. In this analysis, data is compiled from each project and hence social effort is converted into a monetary value.

Our Five Criteria

To assess potential new projects, Lind Invest has developed five criteria which express our view on social responsibility and represent our expectations to our supported projects.

  • Lasting effect
  • Clearly defined objectives
  • Organisational structure
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Impact measurement

Contact information


Do you have questions about our approach or supported projects, our Director of Social Responsibility, Jens Bruun, will help find your answers.