Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand is an international network of NGO’s initiated in Tamil Nadu, India. The network is fighting poverty through entrepreneurship training and job creation in Asia, Southern and Eastern Africa, including Kenya.

Hand in Hand has trained 3.1 million people, who together have started or strengthened more than 3 million small enterprises generating 4.6 million jobs. Hand in Hand aims to effectively combat poverty in the countries where they operate by empowering particularly women and youth through entrepreneurship training. By providing tools, knowledge and networks needed, they can start or improve their own sustainable enterprises and generate their own incomes.
Lind Invest supports Hand in Hand Sweden and Hand in Hand Eastern Africa by financing five Community Upliftment Projects in Kenya, Eldoret running from 2021 to 2023.

Why Lind Invest supports HAND IN HAND?

Hand in Hand is a very competent, well established and cost-efficient international network of NGO’s with significant results and verified impact. Based on a self-help model, vulnerable people are empowered to significantly improve living conditions for themselves and their families with an entrepreneurial approach.

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