Lind Invest engages in and financially supports projects that create measurable value and help vulnerable people unleash their potential.


WAWCAS – Women at Work, Children at School – is an entrepreneurship-training programme that empowers extremely poor women and their families and helps them achieve personal, social and economic change through education.

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Gallo Kriserådgivning

Gallo Kriserådgivning (translation: Gallo Crisis Counselling) is a non-profit organisation located in Aarhus. Gallo Kriseårgivning volunteers to help and support socially vulnerable citizens and offers free, anonymous counselling to everyone in the need of it.

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Aarhus-based non-profit organisation founded in 2014 with the aim of rethinking social work targeting the well-being of youth.

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Where Rainbows Meet

Where Rainbows Meet was established in 2008 as a non-profit training and development organisation located in one of Cape Town’s slum areas, the so-called townships.

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Little Big Help

LittleBigHelp is an NGO established in 2010 with the aim of creating better opportunities for vulnerable children and women in West Bengal, India.

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Hand in Hand is an international network of NGO’s initiated in Tamil Nadu, India. The network is fighting poverty through entrepreneurship training and job creation in Asia, Southern and Eastern Africa, including Kenya.

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NiiS is a Danish organisation for integration based in Aarhus focusing on matching immigrants and refugees with the job and education that they dream of achieving.

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Project Ungebudgetter (Youth Budgets) is a pilot project between Centre for Social Rethinking, Lind Invest and the City of Aarhus. The project tests a different employment effort in the public sector on a target group of long-term jobless young people from the age of 18.

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A Danish and privately-owned social impact investment fund of DKK 95m. The outcome fund works to solve social challenges in Denmark via social impact contracts between the investor, public sector and external service providers.

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