WAWCAS – Women at Work, Children at School – is an entrepreneurship-training programme that empowers extremely poor women and their families and helps them achieve personal, social and economic change through education.
WAWCAS extend these women loans and educate them in running their own small businesses. As a part of the deal, WAWCAS require the women’s children to attend school. Wawcas runs training programmes for women and schooling for children.

Why Lind Invest supports WAWCAS?

The organisation’s mind-set and their approach to empower the women’s dignity and independence through training and education is very strong and entrepreneurial. Thus, the organisation has an invaluable impact on the women, their families and the community they live in. The great success behind the programmes lie in WAWCAS’s long-term approach and their ability to teach and train the women so they can pay back their loans and continue to run their businesses.

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