Who is WAWCAS?

Wawcas – Women at Work, Children at School – is an entrepreneurship-training program that strengthens extremely poor women and their families to help them succeed with personal, social and economic change.
In groups of 25 women, Wawcas empowers and motivates each woman towards social change and economic independence through education and business development. During a training program of 16 months, the women are trained in running their own business and each woman receives a small loan to start up her own small-scale business to obtain income and build a better life for herself and her family.
Moreover, Wawcas expects from the women that their children will attend school regularly.

Since Wawcas was established in 2008 and until now, 2,100 women have been enrolled in the program. The target for 2016-2017 is 550 new women in the program.
The program has had a positive impact on the women’s households as the children attend school and the husbands’ alcohol abuse and domestic violence are significantly reduced.

Why and how does Lind Invest support WAWCAS?

Lind Invest supports Wawcas International because the mind-set of the organisation and the approach to empower the women’s dignity and independence through training and education is very strong and entrepreneurial. Thus, the organisation have an invaluable impact on the women, their families and the community they live in.

Furthermore, the support of Lind Invest to Wawcas is based on the Social Return on Investment-analysis of Wawcas’ value creation, which shows a positive impact. The report can be read here.

The professional set-up and value creation of the program has led Lind Invest to commit DKK 1 million in total over a four-year period. In addition to our financial contribution, we assist with counselling and professional discussions with the organisation.

Visit WAWCAS’ website here.

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