Is this your next office view?

Are you a high-performer?

High-performers also make mistakes – so we do, too. However, we never make the same mistake twice! We are performers and we work even harder if things do not go our way. We keep on until our work pay off, we continue until we succeed, and we make sure to celebrate in the end. We are impassionate!


Your opinion does count

Student worker or Investment Manager – your opinion matter! At Lind Invest our people are our greatest asset. And passionate and highly skilled people at all levels is the key to our success.

As a member of Team Lind Invest, you will be working alongside highly skilled, dedicated and helpful colleagues, giving you the opportunity to grow and perform to the best of your ability.



You are in charge of your own career

But we will support and challenge you to give you the opportunity to grow and fulfill your potential. At Lind Invest, we recognise that people are individuals with different personalities and different strengths. Personal ambition is the one characteristic that binds us all together. Thus, you will not find a single, common approach to development here. Instead, you will find a career you are very much in charge of, future goals you will make for yourself and of course a manager who will support and challenge you. No two career paths at Lind Invest are completely the same, as we are driven by flexibility and support to the individual.



“Having the right employees has always been a key driver of success, a core conviction and an integrated part of our values at Lind Invest”

Henrik Lind, CEO in Lind Invest


We have fun

Lind Invest is an easy-going bunch of people. We play table football. We have a cake minister. And we use our old-fashioned bulb horn to let the others know, when we reach our goals. If and when, we reach our annual goals we make sure to celebrate!

We enjoy spending time together – also outside working hours. Four times a year we all take turns to arrange a social event for the entire team.  We all squeezed into Gitte’s allotment garden where we spent an evening competing in old-fashioned board games. We mountain bike. We play football. And we go out for a beer together.

We make sure to celebrate our successes, and we make sure to have fun!