2017 was a historic year in Lind Invest

Lind Invest present 2017 Annual Report


Posting a profit after tax of DKK 612 million equalling a return on equity of 25.8%, 2017 was a historic year, not only for Lind Invest but for the entire Group. In fact, 2017 was the best year of the Lind Invest Group – ever.

The impressive 2017 result is achieved by highly satisfactory performances in both Group Companies and Investment Activities. We continuously experienced good returns on our Investment Activities and all three Group Companies – Danske Commodities, Lind Capital and Lind Capi­tal Fondsmæglerselskab have experienced record years – all creating their best year ever.

The impressive result is due to very strong operational perfor­mance in all business areas driven by skilled, ambitious and passionate people. These people are our employees, and they are our most valuable asset. Our employees pos­sess by far the greatest potential of all possibilities going forward. Also in 2017, we in­vested significant resources in the continued development of our people, fuelled by their own ambition to continue to grow even further.

In this year’s Annual Report we reflect on our approach as proactive owners and investors in both public and private markets. We asked ourselves: what are the most important criteria when assessing investment op­portunities? One answer kept appearing in various forms. It was the concept of align­ment of interests. To us, alignment of interests is about sharing both the upside and the downside when entering into a partnership with other stakeholders. We discuss this even further in the full Annual report.

All in all, 2017 has been a historic year, and we are confident, that we can achieve strong financial results in 2018. We have a very strong financial position and a sound cash flow. We are always ready to engage in the opportunities that may arise within our core businesses and if the right oppor­tunity occurs we are ready to evaluate, decide and act.


Read the Lind Invest Report 2017 here.