Lind Invest supports 2,500 residents in Kenya through Hand in Hand

Lind Invest has the core believe in that every human being holds a potential and if you are limited by conditions or resources, restricted by contexts or means, everyone has a potential to unfold, improve and develop.
Therefore, Lind Invest is now partnering with Hand in Hand Sweden and Hand in Hand Eastern Africa to improve the social and economic well-being of 2,500 residents of Eldoret, Kenya, through Hand in Hand’s Community Upliftment Programme.

Lind Invest donates SEK 4,500,000 to unroll and run five Community Upliftment Projects that will enroll 2,500 members and uplift the individuals and communities of Eldoret, Kenya reaching almost 7,500 residents.
The donation covers a three-year period for the projects to be deployed, run and evaluated.

“So far, this is our biggest donation in Lind Invest. We see great value in supporting the work of Hand in Hand, as they are a competent organisation. Their impact and results count better social and economic conditions for families, education for children and positive development of the local communities. Therefore, we are ambitious and looking forward to supporting their work with the support to the Community Upliftment Programme,” Henrik Lind says, Lind Invest.

An SROI pilot report of a similar Community Upliftment Project in Kenya shows a significant impact on the participants of the project with an SROI ratio of 32.88. Meaning that every DKK 1 invested, the Hand in Hand’s Community Project creates 32.88 in value for the stakeholders and local community accounting for both financial and social value.
This states that the Community Upliftment Programme creates significant improvements in the living conditions for the participants and their families as well as the programme has an impact on the local community. On that background, Lind Invest supports Hand in Hand with expectations that we can unfold the potential of five communities and their residents.

The Hand in Hand network aims to effectively combat poverty in the countries where they operate by empowering particularly women and youth through entrepreneurship. By providing tools, knowledge and networks needed, they can start or improve their own sustainable enterprises and generate their own incomes. Furthermore, the Community Upliftment Programme addresses additional poverty-related needs identified by the communities themselves such as lack of infrastructure water scarcity, climate resilience and environmental degradation.

Read more about the project here.