Our Values

We believe that value is created through skilled employees, passion in our daily work and a thorough understanding of the businesses we engage in. Our core beliefs and values are founded in our organisation and approach:

PEOPLE – it is people who create value

We believe that all people have potential. To help an employee unfold his or her potential, it is essential that we establish a framework for broadly delegating responsibility to a degree consistent with the employee’s ability to grow and pursue an ambition. Also, it is important that we allow that ambition to develop by stretching and supporting it. Attracting the right people at all levels is key to success and achieving excellent results.

PASSION – we bring passion in every aspect of our business

Without passion, there is no extraordinary! To us, passion is being able to think value creation in all aspects and if necessary challenge the existing to let good ideas evolve and bring them into play. We expect passion from our employees, our stakeholders and our business partners – likewise, they should expect passion from us in all aspects of our business.

DILIGENCE – we do what it takes to achieve our goals

Creating a solid foundation for all our decision-making is fundamental to us. By doing things thoroughly every time, negative outcomes are minimised and positive outcomes are maximised.



Lind Invest is an independent holding company and we aim to continuously be one of the most successful in Denmark


We focus on risk adjusted value creation in markets where it is possible to gain a competitive edge through long-term relations, proactive ownership and continuously risk management. All implemented by skilled and dedicated employees.